Chronicles of a New Runner - day 1

Well, where do I start? I guess it was a few months ago we received a message from my brother-in-law, telling us he was going to run the half-marathon here in Fort Lauderdale in February. Me, who always kidded that "if you see me running, you'd better start too because something bad is coming", contemplated running as well. How hard could it be? According to my doctor I have the medical stats of an athlete, I'm a personal trainer, and I bike and workout every day. It stayed a thought for a few months until about 3 weeks ago, I woke up and told Andy I'm contemplating running the marathon in February and had planned to go to the mall to look for some proper running shoes after our daily pit-stop to Publix. We went about our morning routine, get Ethan off to school, 14 mile bike ride, steel cut oats for breakfast.

At lunch, we were in Publix when a young lady behind me asks "when is your next marathon?" Not thinking she is talking to me, I keep walking down the isle. She comes up beside us and looks at me and asks again "when is your next marathon?" Could she be clairvoyant? How did she know what was on my mind? She then said "I can always tell a runner. I used to run until my injury. I can't run anymore...could you run your next marathon for me?" There were so many ways I could have continued the conversation, but she thought I looked like a runner...I must be a runner, of hard could it be. "Sure" I replied, and off she went continuing her shopping. Slightly confused on what I just agreed to, looked up at Andy and said "guess I'd better researching running shoes."

Due to hurricane Irma and sand berms along A1A, my training had been delayed, that is until today. Waking up to a flat tire on my bike, 3rd in 3 days I might add, I decided today is as good a day as any to start my running. Lacing up my new running shoes, feeling strong I headed out the front door and started my running app. Walked a little to warm up and then started to jog. Making it to the end of my street I felt I could go for hours. I didn't need to train, I was fit as a fiddle. Why was I so hesitant to start? I made it over the bridge and onto A1A. Feeling strong my app says I have completed 2 miles...."WHAT?? 2 miles, that's it??" I continue running, feeling a little less motivated. Looking down I see the ground moving slowly under my feet, I'm so use to biking, seeing the pavement below at 15-17miles/hour, what did my app say? 11 minute miles? Now I can see the ocean and hear the waves crashing on the beach. There is a nice breeze cooling me from the scorching sun and I get to where there are other runners. They look so strong, I have to keep up, remember, I look like a runner.

As I am running I am coming up with all the reasons I need to continue...

1 - If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd need to be able to get away.

2 - I look like a runner...I'm sticking with what the lady in Publix said!

3 - If a tsunami was coming, although I know I couldn't outrun it, I'd feel better about running away from it.

4 - I made a commitment to my brother-in-law and the lady in Publix.

5 - I look like a runner...yup, I'm saying it again.

Coming up on 4 miles I start a list of some of the reasons to stop and walk...

1 - The sun is starting to beat down so hard that the ocean breeze is no longer cooling me down.

2 - My old creaky knees are starting to hurt.

3 - I didn't bring any water and I'm contemplating drinking the ocean dry.

4 - How fast are zombies anyways?

5 - 4 miles is good enough for a first run.

I decide to walk for a while saying my usual good mornings to everyone in passing, including some of the regular walkers and bikers. As my body starts to cool down I decide to run another half a mile reaching my turn around spot. My 5 miles home I alternate between walking and running, listing more pros and cons about running. The final stretch on my street, totally wiped, feeling like I was stranded in a desert crawling towards an oasis ahead, I reach my front door. I had completed 10 miles in just over 2 hours. I guess it wasn't too bad for my first run in decades, and now as I sit here typing, drinking my kale and beet juice, rubbing my knees, I think tomorrow will be a biking day! I will run again on Thursday, because....I look like a runner!

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