Do What you Love, Love What you Do

I love my bike!!! Anyone who knows me has heard me say this about a dozen times. Although it is not the first bike I have ever been on, it is the first bike that I can call my own, and I love it. So much that I ride it wherever and whenever I can. My husband and I ride 14 miles every morning, living in South Florida allows this to happen most days of the year, pending torrential down pours. I also ride it to the mall, doctor and dental appointments, even grocery shopping if I'm not getting too many items. I love it so much that I don't even think of it as

exercise. It is also wonderful, because it's an activity we can participate in as a family. There is nothing better than waking up on a Sunday morning, packing some backpacks and heading down to the beach for a few hours. We also enjoy going out on our stand up paddleboards (SUPs) and rollerblading in our neighborhood. In the evenings we go for a walk and sometimes treat ourselves at our local ice cream parlor.

Finding an exercise that you can enjoy will make it less of a chore and something you may look forward to doing. The possibilities are endless. Do you have an interest in art? The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City working together with a dance company has developed a workout that the public can do as they walk through the museum, while admiring art. This 45 minute workout, (before it is opened to the public) is a 2 mile guided tour of pumping arms, speed walking and squats while stopping at 13 pieces of art. Whether it is jumping on a trampoline, joining an underwater cycling class or simply going for a nature walk, finding an activity that you enjoy will help to stick with it. Try something new or enlist a friend or family member to join you, make a commitment, and stick with it. Do what you love, and most important, love what you do.

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