Vanda's Story

What is your Vitality Wealth Worth?

From the age of 17 health and wellness has been an integral part of my life. Understanding that by taking care of my body in my youth, it would take care of me  with age. Now, (dare I say)  in my  middle age, I recognize the importance of exercise more than ever. Although exercise was a big part of my life, it wasn't until moving from Canada to the United States that I pursued a career in fitness.

Fast forward, I am now an ACE certified personal trainer and founder/owner of Vitality Wealth, ready to share my passion, knowledge and expertise with those looking for a healthier lifestyle. Clients will benefit from customized workouts learning proper form and technique tailored for existing conditions and avoiding injury. Exercise is the key to live a longer, healthier life,  improving your mood and lowering the risk of chronic illness. With the inflated prices of health care, it is important to invest in  your Vitality Wealth.